DeMarcus Cousins totally kicked this chair's ass. Hope it was worth the price.

Tech 10-1-2017 Mashable 56

Sometimes you just need to teach a folding chair a lesson. Sometimes the chair is just, well, just sitting there all silent and smug, acting like it's too good to speak to you. Sometimes the chair is just asking for it. 

Note to folding chairs: DeMarcus Cousins is the wrong guy to test. 

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The Sacramento Kings star beat the crap out of one such insolent chair during a Sunday night NBA game. Hopefully he found the pummeling therapeutic — because it came with a price tag. 

After being whistled for his third foul against the Warriors on Sunday night, Cousins retreated to the Kings bench and did his best Mike Tyson impression at the expense of one poor chair. Have a look for yourself.  Read more...

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