The Walking Dead guide to startup survival

Tech 10-1-2017 Mashable 34

[Editor's note: Spoilers for The Walking dead throughout.]

It’s bleak and we both know it — the kind of soul-crushing downer that goes way beyond “horror” and into something more existential and emotionally haunting.  

The twists are exciting, sure, but it’s not so much the unexpected that scares us; it’s the stuff we saw coming… or (in retrospect) the stuff we should have seen coming. There’s happiness from time to time — bright triumphs of human spirit and social ingenuity — but if we’re honest, those moments, just like everything else, are short lived. 

According to the Startup Genome Report, the survival rate for startups is a mere 10%. Put more starkly: 90% of all startups die within their first three years. (Oh, did you think we were talking about something else?)  Read more...

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