Village Roadshow CEO: Expect more site-blocking cases 'big time'

Tech 12-1-2017 Mashable 46

According to Graham Burke, co-CEO of Village Roadshow, Australia should expect his company to continue going after piracy sites "big time."

After the Australian government passed a law in 2015 allowing copyright holders to petition for piracy websites to be blocked, Village Roadshow along with Foxtel, was the first to test the legislation in Federal Court.

In December, the pair won injunctions forcing internet service providers (ISPs) including Telstra and Optus to block the sites Solar Movie, Pirate Bay, Torrentz, TorrentHound and IsoHunt in Australia.

Burke told Mashable to expect further cases when the court resumes in February. While he declined to name which sites Village Roadshow will target, he said "There's a list as long as my arm." Read more...

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