Moana and Maui outwit a giant eight-eyed bat monster in this 'Moana' deleted scene

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The underworld of Moana is dark and full of terrors — one of which we never got to see before now.

In this deleted scene shared exclusively with Mashable, Moana and Maui, the heroes of Disney's latest animated triumph, are lurking around the underworld lair of Tomatoa (the giant crab who has Maui's magical hook).

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Along the way they encounter a flock of giant, eight-eyed bats that, in the completed film, are only glimpsed for a quick flyover. But as directors Ron Clements and John Musker explain, a cut-for-time scene showed Moana and Maui using conch shells to trick one of the not-very-friendly-looking critters. Read more...

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