Thirsty T-Mobile is giving out free iPhone 7s to join its network

Tech 4-3-2017 Mashable 62

T-Mobile is, if nothing else, super thirsty. From one-upping Verizon's unlimited data plan via tweetstorm from CEO John Legere to its BDSM-tinged, slightly NSFW Super Bowl Twitter feud with, again, Verizon, there's not much the self-proclaimed "Un-carrier" won't do to stir up social attention. 

T-Mobile's latest move isn't as controversial as some of its other recent promotions — but it is a bold, attractive offer for anyone looking for a free iPhone. The network will give anyone who brings their number from another carrier to the T-Mobile ONE plan an iPhone 7, free of charge, or a 7 Plus for $100.  Read more...

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