Here's the first real look at TRAPPIST-1, the star with 7 Earth-sized planets, in GIF form

Tech 13-3-2017 Mashable 127

Hey there, little star. 

A new set of images taken by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope shows a faint, pixelated view of TRAPPIST-1, a small, dim star 40 light-years from Earth that plays host to at least seven Earth-sized worlds. 

While the GIF showing the star's brightness isn't much to look at, it's worth its weight in scientific gold. It's also the public's first real look at the exciting star system, which could be orbited by at least one habitable planet. 

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By carefully analyzing how the light of the star changes from one photo to the next, scientists can detect planets passing in front of the star from Kepler's perspective. The small dips in light caused by a transit allow researchers to characterize the planets orbiting the star, and learn more about the worlds' masses, sizes and orbits. Read more...

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