Teen makes perfect school-approved shirt to respond to a dress-code violation

Tech 17-3-2017 Mashable 106

18-year-old Isabella Villegas defended her 13-year-old sister Grace from a school dress-code violation in the most crafty, big-sisterly way we've ever seen. 

Grace changed out of this off-the-shoulder shirt and into a different one after she said received some "not nice looks" and comments from teachers. Upon hearing about the supposed violation, Isabella responded, by making this school-approved t-shirt for her 7th grade sister that makes somewhat of a different statement:

my 13 year old sister was dress coded for her shirt today for "revealing too much chest and shoulder" so i made her a shirt to change into pic.twitter.com/NdRQws91HB

— isabella rossellini (@bellavillegas_) March 13, 2017

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