This 'passive-aggressive art gallery' is the perfect petty roommate prank

Tech 18-3-2017 Mashable 93

Twitter learned a valuable lesson this week: passive-aggressively pranking your messy roommate can double as fine art.

To be fair, not all messy roommates are  created equal. There's the saucepan-in-sink roommate, for example, who likes to fill dirty pots with water and "let them soak" for weeks. There's the couch roommate, who stores at least a quarter of their belongings on the sofa for reasons you'll never understand.

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And then there's the cutlery caper, who doesn't not do the dishes, per se, but has a nasty habit of leaving single pieces of unwashed cutlery around. A peanut butter knife, a sour cream spoon—nothing big, but annoying nonetheless. Read more...

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