Why you still can't back up your saves on Nintendo Switch

Tech 16-6-2017 Mashable 41

Three months later and we're still screwed if our Nintendo Switch breaks, along with our Zelda saves.

In a private room tucked above Nintendo's media and retailer-specific booth, I sat down with Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo's president, and asked him about their newest, hybrid home-handheld console. The most pressing thing I wanted to know was when we'd be getting a file management system — a feature *every* other device is ready with at launch. It's an essential feature to gaming. 

No one wants to dedicate hundreds of precious hours to a game and have that save at risk, or locked into one console. Would Nintendo be introducing some kind of file transfer system — maybe bring us cloud saves? Was the current lack of the feature an issue of potential piracy?  Read more...

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