Online privacy and security device InvizBox is getting an upgrade with help from Kickstarter

Tech 12-10-2017 Mashable 17

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In a time where everything from your phone to your fridge has an internet connection, InvizBox emerged to protect you from the vulnerability that can come with being connected all the time. The InvizBox was a simple subscription-based device that you plugged into your router. It routes all traffic over to its anonymous Tor network to help protect your web surfing from prying eyes. It was quite the step in online security, and now it's leveling up on Kickstarter.

The InvizBox 2 takes your secure web surfing a step further by encrypting all of your traffic. Setup is as simple as plugging it into your router and letting it do its thing from there. It also promises to provide faster internet speed for all of your individual devices, so the people in your house never have to worry about butting heads over the WiFi again. Parents can even set parental restrictions to protect their kids from the darker corners of the 'net. Read more...

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