Girl plays ‘Star Wars’ Cantina theme with a pencil, is groundbreaking math genius

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What you're about to watch is the work of a name you should remember: Dani Ochoa. 

Dani, who characterizes herself as "a girl with too much time on her hands" is also, apparently, a goddamn math genius. 

She figured out how to play the Mos Eiseley Cantina theme from "Star Wars." 

With a pencil. 

While writing.

While writing a coherent and apparently working math equation. 

And not just a working math equation. But a working math equation that produces, yes, the number of the speed of light. A sampling of crowdsourced math-checked, via the Reddit Video thread,  found this:

Yeah, look, we work for a website, half this industry barely squeaked by Algebra 2—we don't know if the math actually checks out, but sure as hell sounds legit.   Read more...

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