Enterprising food blogger figures out how to make wine in an Instant Pot

Tech 1-3-2018 Mashable 32

It's been a long week and you need a glass of wine. Do you:

  • Drive to the nearest wine shop.

  • Visit a local wine bar.

  • Pour some grape juice in an Instant Pot.

David Murphy of Food N Service went for the final option, and to hear him tell it, the results were better than expected.

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Per his post detailing the winemaking process, Murphy's weeks-long journey toward pressure cooker wine required dedication, patience, and the willingness to leave an Instant Pot on for 48-hours straight.

Beyond a pressure cooker, Murphy's red wine recipe requires little extra equipment. The instructions call for a bottle of grape juice, a packet of wine yeast, a cup of sugar, a funnel, and a roll of tape. His batch spent two days in the Instant Pot and more than a week fermenting on the kitchen counter. Read more...

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