Walmart has some seriously nice refurbished LG OLED smart TVs on sale for lower than we've ever seen

Tech 14-6-2018 Mashable 29

You could probably guess that we were gonna start out this story with the "We know you want a smart TV, but they're so expensive!" spiel. Well, you're right. Even when they're on sale, 55 or 65-inch TVs are still likely to be over two grand.

Okay, bear with us here: Try a refurbished one. 

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Wouldn't you feel cool AF with people visiting your house, admiring your massive OLED smart TV on the wall, being completely oblivious to the fact that it's refurbished? Because Walmart has two from LG on sale today, with the 55-inch one coming in at under $1,000 and the 65-inch one on sale for less than $1,600. That's insane. (For reference, a brand new version of the 55-inch would cost you $1,499.99 and a new 65-inch would be $2,499.99. So.) Read more...

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