Bill Skarsgård looks like hot Satan on 'Castle Rock'

Tech 11-7-2018 Mashable 18

When Bill Skarsgård was cast in Hulu’s Castle Rock, the joke was that he was going to play evil again. It was an obvious connection, considering that Castle Rock is a Stephen King adaptation like 2017’s It, where Skarsgård played Pennywise/It, a child-munching entity in the shape of a dancing clown. 

“At least in this one,” went the thought, “he won’t have to wear all that clown makeup,” like being able to see his face would make his inevitably evil character less frightening. At least in this one he gets to be, you know, hot. 

Having seen the first few episodes of Castle Rock, to this I say: yes, Bill Skarsgård is hot, and no, it doesn’t make him any less scary. It makes him more scary. And it’s not his fault.   Read more...

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