Lena Waithe buzzed off her hair, and it's for the best reason

Tech 10-8-2018 Mashable 24

Hair is personal, political, and a pain in the ass.

Lena Waithe, Mattress of None writer and queer icon understands this well. The actress recently revealed to Variety the reason why she buzzed her hair, despite what it supposedly says about her femininity.

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"I felt like I was holding onto a piece of femininity that would make the world feel comfortable with who I am,” Waithe told Variety. “I thought for a long time, ‘Oh, if I cut my hair, I’ll be a stud — in the gay world, there’s a lot of categories — I’ll be a stud or I’ll be a butch,’ and I’ve always thought, ‘Well, no, I’m not that, I’m still soft,’ and I said, ’Oh, I gotta put that down, 'cause that’s something that’s outside of me.’” Read more...

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