Massachusetts police hunt for couple who robbed toy store with a child in tow

Police in Natick, Massachusetts, are searching for a couple who stole from a toy store while a child was with them.

The Natick Police Department posted footage on Facebook Tuesday afternoon, which shows the suspects on surveillance while in the store.

“The young couple featured in the video decided that it was a good day to take a small child with them while they plied their particular brand of thieving,” the post read. “It’s not complicated or sexy, it’s just plain stealing.”

The man and woman are seen dropping toys into shopping bags they had entered the store carrying. Police say the woman acted “as a blocker to shield the activity from customers and store personnel,” adding that “the tip off was the male deciding just too blatantly to grab an item and beat feet out the door.”

Authorities are asking the public to help identify the alleged thieves to recover the stolen merchandise, but so the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families can investigate the couple’s lifestyle.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call the Natick Police Department’s Detective Division at 508-647-9520.

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