iPhone XR teardown finds common repairs are easier than most Android phones

Tech 28-10-2018 Mashable 39

The iPhone XR teardown is in.

The repair experts at iFixit have put Apple's latest iPhone to the test and shared their findings. Though the phone is similar in many ways to Apple's new flagships, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, there are a few important differences.

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All in all, iFixit rated the iPhone XR a 6/10 in repairability, which is the same score given to the iPhone XS and and iPhone XS Max. But though they were rated the same, the teardown experts did share a few interesting findings.

The phone has characteristics of two recent iPhones: the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. Instead of the L-shaped battery of the iPhone X and XS, it has a rectangular battery, like the iPhone 8. But, like the iPhone X, it ditches the home button and Touch ID for Face ID's extra sensors. Read more...

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