Your voting selfie really does make a difference. Here's how.

Tech 7-11-2018 Mashable 36

Everyone loves to dump on selfies. Either they're "too narcissistic" or have caused "hundreds of fatal injuries all around the world."

But not all selfies are built alike. Think of the humble "I voted" selfie, popping up on everyone's social media feed this month, and especially on Election Day. In a democracy in which close to half the eligible voters choose not to vote, the "I voted" selfie has real potential to mobilize disaffected voters.

So go for it: Rock the selfie, everyone.

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The "I voted" selfie isn't the sexiest. Unlike traditional selfies, they generally don't include pouty lips or dramatic mountain backdrops. "I voted" selfies are traditionally set in church basements or cinder block public schools. They almost always feature an "I voted" sticker and are often crushingly corny. Read more...

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