Nintendo will cut offensive Native American imagery from 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'

Tech 7-11-2018 Mashable 46

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is at risk of offending some people, but Nintendo is taking steps to fix it before the game's Dec. 7 launch.

Ultimate brings back Mr. Game & Watch as a playable fighter. The vintage character hails from Nintendo's pre-NES days, when the company was best known for its handheld LCD video games. It's actually a conglomeration of the multiple characters that starred in Nintendo's early Game & Watch games.

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These battery-powered portable devices were big in the '80s, even predating the launch of the Game Boy. Each release consisted of a single game driven by simple rules and rudimentary monochrome graphics. Character animations consisted of no more than a handful of frames. The stone age of video games. Read more...

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