Cheaper alternatives to fancy noise-cancelling headphones, discounted even further

Tech 9-11-2018 Mashable 38

Unlike your eyes that you can just wire shut when you don't want to see something, or your nose that you can simply pinch when you get a whiff of a funky stench, you need special equipment for your ears if you refuse to listen to something unpleasant — say, a wailing toddler or the Baby Shark song. 

You could opt for earplugs that feel like somebody stuck their finger up your ear, or you could choose the better, more comfortable option: noise-cancelling headphones.

Image: Trelab

Noise-cancelling headphones have microphones situated close to where sound enters your ear and picks up frequencies of your surroundings to produce a contrasting sound that renders outside noise practically nonexistent. It's impressive technology, really, which is why top-performing noise-cancelling headphones typically cost a pretty penny. Read more...

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