Save up to 30% on Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablets and keep your sanity on your next family road trip

Tech 16-1-2019 Mashable 42

"Are we there yet?"

We all know how this goes. You just started a six-hour road trip to grandma's house, when one of your kids asks that dreaded, four-word question after only 30 minutes into the drive. 

Instead of feeling like the rest of the five-and-a-half hours is going to test your limits as a parent, just hand your child a Fire Kids Edition tablet from Amazon and keep your sanity during a long drive. They'll love the screen time and you can feel good knowing that it's educational content. 

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Right now you can save up to 30% on all three of the Fire Kids Edition tablets, which are wrapped in "kids-proof" cases that come in three colors: blue, pink, and yellow. With deep parental controls, you can also have the peace of mind knowing that your children aren't going to stumble across unsafe and X-rated material.  Read more...

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