'Defunctland' offers a fascinating exploration of the death of amusement park rides

Tech 12-2-2019 Mashable 49

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Just as Ben and Jerry's has their Flavor Graveyard, a virtual space also exists to mourn our favorite theme park losses. 

Decades after the doors shut on park rides and attractions, many become moss-covered liminal spaces where so-called urban explorers love to run amok. But one man rises above the rusty tracks to give these rides lost to time the love they deserve.

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Kevin Perjurer is the creator behind the popular YouTube series and podcast Defunctland, which gives history lessons on the life, and subsequent death, of amusement park attractions. It's a topic that doesn't seem to hold a lot of scandal at first glance: park builds rollercoaster, coaster breaks down, ride closes, right?  Read more...

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