Say no to plastic water bottles: Brita filter pitchers and others are on sale for Earth Day at Walmart

Tech 22-4-2019 Mashable 19

Not so fun Earth Day fact: The planet's CO2 levels are out of control. 

Earth Day is a great way bring some attention to the crisis — but to really offset that carbon footprint, we need to be actively thinking about our usage on the daily.

It could be a smart thermostat to reduce electricity usage, an at-home coffee maker to prevent using a new Starbucks cup every week, or a credit card that supports sustainability.

Today, we're focusing on those damn single-use water bottles: Instead of buying a 24-pack that will eventually end up in the ocean, a reusable bottle and at-home filter pitcher can get you that clean sip you want without an overflowing recycling bin. And for Earth Day, a ton of filter pitchers from Brita, Zerowater, and more are on sale at Walmart.  Read more...

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