This influencer faked a weekend at Coachella with Photoshop and wigs

Tech 23-4-2019 Mashable 28

If you go to Coachella without taking pictures in front of the ferris wheel, did you really even go? 

YouTuber Gabbie Hanna decided to do a little experiment in which she faked a weekend at Coachella using Photoshop and footage from friends who actually did go to the festival. With the help of some photographers and colorful wigs Hanna posted three very different (and very convincing) looks to Instagram. 

The 28-year-old vlogger was inspired to pull off the stunt by other YouTubers who have faked trips before. Hanna says that while she has "nothing against" Coachella, she doesn't think an introvert like herself would be that into it. Plus, she wanted to prove just how easy it is to lie on social media.  Read more...

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