A dark-web market implodes, and users expect the worst

Tech 4 weeks ago Mashable 21

Another one bites the dust. Probably. 

The dark-web marketplace Wallstreet Market has for some time now been an online place to buy drugs, stolen data sets, and other illicit goods and services with cryptocurrency. Now, with the market supposedly down "for maintenance," users are crying exit scam and accusing those who ran the site of making off with their funds. 

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A visit to the site, accessible via the Tor browser, provides worried vendors and past customers with a claim that it will return April 25. 

"We irregularly do maintenance, to provide a flawless and comfortable platform for our users (buyers as well as vendors) at any time," reads a notice plastered across the site's front page. "To make this possible, we need to work on our servers instantly from time to time. The maintenance is usually done pretty fast." Read more...

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