Jim Carrey draws and shares grotesque graphic depiction of Alabama Gov. Ivey being aborted

(Disturbing image below.) Like most people in Hollywood, actor Jim Carrey is religiously pro-choice, and on Saturday he expressed his faith in the form of an illustration, and a Tweet in which he pined for the "termination" of pregnancies before the children can grow up to become humans who don't share his exact beliefs.

You know, "kill the heretics." It's an old song.

Carrey put the lyrics to graphic use, though, in a drawing that he included with his tweet regarding the new anti-abortion law in Alabama that has set off a firestorm of controversy. Ivey signed the bill, of course, and that is what prompted Carrey's orthodox instinct to purge the wicked.

Here is the tweet.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect isn't the grotesque brutality of the supposed art, but rather the fact that it is fairly accurate. Timothy Meads, writing at Townhall, notes that Carrey has drawn what's called "an'aspiration abortion' where the baby inside the women is more or less suctioned out with an extremely high volume vacuum."

Meads adds a salient observation:

As for Carrey's glib and crude remarks about the cartoon itself as well as Gov. Ivey, the actor is unwittingly showing that the baby inside the mother's womb is indeed life who has a future ahead with untold potential at all stages of pregnancy.

There were many appropriate responses to Carrey, but perhaps this was the most concisely devastating:

At least you seem to know how grisly an abortion is. Your image is accurate down to the abortionist's cannula suctioning out the brain matter of the fetus, sort of like a serial killer at work. Bravo Jim Carry, you do know what an abortion looks like. Bravo!
— Obianuju Ekeocha (@obianuju) May 18, 2019

We leave you with a few more, for your consideration and sharing.

This is sick and wrong, @JimCarrey. Celebrating the horrific, cruel acts that rip babies apart is evil. Wishing a brutal death on someone and joking about it is monstrous.
— Lila Rose (@LilaGraceRose) May 19, 2019
FWIW, I'm glad @JimCarrey accurately illustrated what an abortion looks like with a tiny tube sucking out the life of a human. https://t.co/uGjpGCmgN7
— Kelsey Bolar (Harkness) (@kelseybolar) May 19, 2019

Another incredibly ugly moment in modern America.

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