Nintendo's Doug Bowser is at E3 and ready to prove he's no villain

Tech 11-6-2019 Mashable 37

This should be evident to anyone with eyes and a brain, but just to be clear: Doug Bowser isn't a Super Mario villain.

The new Nintendo of America president took over in April after his predecessor, Reggie Fils-Aimé, retired, ending a 13-year run in the role. Fils-Aimé was always known as a savvy manager on the business side of things, but outwardly he projected the image of an affable, fun-loving executive who could embody the spirit of fun and childlike wonder that are central to Nintendo's games mission.

Bowser seems a bit more subdued, a gentler contrast to Reggie's booming energy. And while he'll quickly shrug off the obvious, never-really-gets-old jokes about sharing a name with Mario's chief nemesis — a miraculous twist of fate for Nintendo, since the name thing immediately creates a connection between fans and NoA's chief spokesperson — he clearly recognizes that it's all in good fun. Read more...

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