Excel still reigns supreme — here’s how to master the software for cheap

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TL;DR: Score the comprehensive Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle for $34. Usually priced at $945, you'll be saving 96% off 33 hours of content. 

Put simply, Microsoft Excel is one of the best tools to master for data-driven workplaces. (Which, if you think about it, is essentially everywhere.) 

You can project your company’s revenue, seamlessly navigate complex data in order to pull actionable insights, as well as organize, structure, and streamline different essential reporting. If you were your boss, even you'd be impressed.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Excel’s capabilities. So it’s no surprise to us that this particular piece of computing software continues to reign supreme in almost every workplace. That means mastering Excel isn’t just going to make you look good; for many job functions, understanding the ins and outs of the platform is absolutely critical.  Read more...

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