Shop Black Friday pricing on these earbuds that rival the AirPods Pro

Tech 3 weeks ago Mashable 21

TL;DR: Get the budget-friendly PaMu Slide Bluetooth 5 In-Ear Headphones with wireless charger for $99.99, a 49% savings. 

Hear that? That's the collective clamoring of Apple fanboys and fangirls desperately trying to get their hands (and ears) on the new AirPods Pro, arguably the company's best earphones yet. 

But you don't have to hop on the trend and part ways with your hard-earned $249 when you can get a similar listening experience with something far cheaper, like the PaMu Slide Bluetooth 5 In-Ear Headphones.

Now on sale for $99.99, these cost less than half of the sticker price of the AirPods Pro, leaving you with a little more left to treat yourself over the holidays. But the affordable price is only part of the appeal. These babies boast a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip and the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 to deliver unparalleled sonics with extra bass. Read more...

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