'Marvel's Avengers' video game is officially delayed until fall 2020

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'Marvel's Avengers' video game is officially delayed until fall 2020

It's time to check your expectations if you were hype for the May 15 arrival of Marvel's Avengers. It's going to need a little more time.

In a message shared on Tuesday morning, developer Crystal Dynamics confirmed that the heavily hyped game will now be releasing in the fall, on Sept. 4, 2020. The scope of this thing is pretty large, the message says, and the studio needs more time to get it ready.

Here's the full text of the message, which is attributed to Crystal Dynamics co-heads of studio Scot Amos and Ron Rosenberg:

Make no mistake, this is a good thing. Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind all the most recent iterations of the Tomb Raider series, is hardly new to the challenge of making big "AAA" video games. We know Avengers has big ambitions as a cooperative online game with hooks designed to keep people playing long after the story's credits have rolled. Read more...

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