Here are the 13 best tweets of the week

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Here are the 13 best tweets of the week

Here we are: Another week of quarantine, another week of Good Tweets.

We've been keeping tracking of the best tweets for six weeks now. Why? Because life in isolation is boring and stressful and sometimes it's good to laugh at dumb posts on the internet. And why not?

OK, enough throat clearing, here they are: the 13 Good Tweets. 

1The Last Dance is done, so let's get the jokes in while we can

dumb-looking white guy in the mj doc: did i like it when michael jordan showed up in my driveway every night to throw rocks at my nuts? i mean, at the time, i was furious. (smiling) but in retrospect, that was his way of telling me "we are in this together"

— Rajat Suresh (@rajat_suresh) May 18, 2020

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