'Sims 4' new expansion pack finally lets you take your shoes off indoors

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'Sims 4' new expansion pack finally lets you take your shoes off indoors

The Sims 4's newest expansion will finally let Sims take off their shoes indoors. It's a fantastic foot forward for Asians everywhere.

The Sims 4: Snowy Escape is a slightly misleading name for the high tech dollhouse’s 10th expansion pack, set in the fictional location of Mt. Komorebi. Yes, there’s skiing, snowboarding, mountain vacations, and soothing hot springs. However, a large portion of the pack is dedicated to the arguably more interesting Japanese-themed additions, such as traditional architecture, kotatsu, kimonos, hot pot, bowing in greeting — and taking off your shoes indoors.

This isn't only an exciting inclusion for Japanese Sims players, but for numerous other Asian people as wellRemoving your shoes upon entering a home is common practice in numerous Asian cultures, and seeing it added to The Sims is a lovely detail for anyone who grew up barefoot with a pile of shoes by the door. It’s just a shame it will cost Asian Simmers $39.99 to add this integral part of their everyday life to the life simulator, though it’s admittedly thrilling that it’s being added at all. Read more...

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