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The cold wave of the last two weeks passed through our region with little fanfare and not too many issues. It was cold, and we went about our business with cold cars and warm coats. In Texas, however, it was a disaster. Along the Gulf Coast, freezing conditions shut down many oil and gas refineries. The southern energy infrastructure was simply unable to handle the situation, leaving millions of people in the dark and without water or heat. Dozens tragically died from carbon monoxide poisoning using desperate methods to stay warm, including the use of propane gas grills indoors and sleeping in cars left running in garages.

This sort of weather had not happened in Texas in decades. Texans, including politicians and officials who generally know what to do in a hurricane or in severe heat, were overwhelmed, uneducated and unprepared for snow, ice and a week below freezing. How do you think our communities would fare in a hurricane or a month of temperatures over 100 degrees?

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