How to watch Season 2 of 'Yellowstone'

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How to watch Season 2 of 'Yellowstone'

What: Season 2 of Yellowstone

Where to watch: On Peacock

Premiere date: June 19, 2019

When we last saw the Dutton family, they were reeling from the deaths of John’s (Kevin Costner) eldest son Lee (Dave Annable) and brother-in-law Robert Long (Jeremiah Bitsui). They were also in the midst of a land war with the neighboring Native American tribe. John found out he had cancer, which he kept a secret from the rest of the family — and left his fate looking uncertain towards the finale. 

In Season 2 of Yellowstone, expect even more drama, blood, and grit as the family continues their battle to hang on to the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. Check out the trailer for Season 2 below: Read more...

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