Letter: Republicans chase votes with double standards | INFORUM

Local News 22-10-2021 IN FORUM 20

Which Republican will win the hypocritical Nobel Prize this year?

Republicans are all about keeping the government and the vaccines out of unwilling people's bodies. When it comes to women, the game is reversed. The government can control what happens to a woman’s body and the Supreme Court should help the government do it.

“I can choose to get the vaccine or not to get the vaccine," that is the party line. The whole universe changes when a woman choses to haven an abortion. Now the Republicans have the audacity to say the state can mandate what happens with a woman's body.

Republicans chase votes. Whatever sells to the fundamentalist, the Trump cult or the most fanatic right-wing voter is what the Republicans will sell to the public. Logic, morality and fairness don’t go into the equation.

Republicans want it both ways. Vaccines are a personal choice, having a baby is a government decision. Republicans have an entirely different standard for men's bodies than women's bodies. Men get to decide what happens to them, women don't.

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Mike Quinn is a resident of Bismarck

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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