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Here are a few examples:

  • Brad Mills wrote: “Right-wing talk radio goon and Forum columnist Scott Hennen recently wrote that people's health issues should be strictly their own choice and not dictated by any government mandate, which is precisely the opposite stand these self-serving hypocrites take when it comes to women's reproductive choices.”
  • Amy Ingersoll-Johnson writes: “The battle for women’s rights apparently gained a new foot soldier over the weekend. In conservative talk show host Scott Hennen’s recent column he states: “Why are we so cautious to retain health privacy and the freedom to make our own decisions? The more we give, the more society will take. Never, ever, ever let anyone force you into a decision that you do not want to undertake. The moment we lose that we lose what made this country great: Freedom!"

I hate to spoil this sport among some, but there are two very important things they're missing.

First is that ending the life of a baby is not healthcare, pure and simple. When has healthcare ever been in the same sentence as ending a life? In fact, there is no such thing as an abortion "clinic", since no one goes to a clinic with a death wish.

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Secondly, the debate over forcing someone to inject something into their body as a condition of employment is radically different than removing a child.

I never cease to be amazed at the ways in which pro-abortion advocates will twist themselves into pretzels to make an argument that abortion is okay, or that is about women's "health." Count me among those that have great concern for the health of women. Having had very personal conversations with pro-life advocates who previously made a decision to have an abortion, I can share countless stories about the pain, anguish and mental health struggles that come from a decision to end the life of a baby.

Try as they might, they will never prevail in attempts to stop me from standing up for a defenseless, innocent life. I'll never cease advocating for mothers to know there are many options available that don't come with the pain and anguish that those who have had abortions experience. It's not a choice, it's a child.

Maybe we can agree that holocaust should end. Join me is supporting the 40 Days for Life campaign that ends Oct. 31. It's a peaceful, prayerful and proven effective pro-life effort that has already been embraced by more than a million people worldwide, saved 18,816 lives from abortion since 2007, led to the conversion of 221 abortion workers and has seen 110 abortion facilities close.

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