Hot Mic with Dom Izzo: Be thankful for the last "national" FCS Playoff | INFORUM

Local News 6 days ago IN FORUM 19

As Bison fans are thankful that the FCS Playoff committee was wise enough to seed NDSU second for the upcoming postseason, there's another reason to be thankful for these playoffs.

It will be the last time the FCS Playoffs will be a true national tournament. Why do I say that?

This is the last go-around as FCS teams for James Madison and Sam Houston. Each have announced their intentions to move to FBS once this football season is done.

Over the last decade, each have battled the Bison in some classic games. NDSU fans always pay attention to those schools to see what they are doing.

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Now what happens when they're gone? The FCS becomes even more regionalized with the Dakotas and the Montana schools leading the way. While it will be great to see Montana and Montana State be good, that's not a national tournament.

It could be called the Midwest Invitational from now on.

So Bison fans as the playoffs unfold this Saturday, enjoy the next few weeks.

And if the opportunity presents itself for the Bison to play James Madison and Sam Houston, I'm sure NDSU fans will thank them for the memories and wish them well in the FBS.

All the while wishing they were going with them.

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