Netflix's 'End of the Road' trailer teases a truly nightmarish road trip

Tech 16-8-2022 Mashable 35
A woman sits behind the wheel of a car, with her daughter visible in the backseat.

One of the oldest questions is what you'd do if you happened to stumble across some money lying in the street.

In Netflix's End of the Road trailer, though, it isn't just a little bit of money — it's a whole bag. And rather than finding it in the street, a family finds it in their next door hotel room in the aftermath of a shootout.

Millicent Shelton's road trip thriller stars Queen Latifah and Ludacris as a widowed mother of two and her brother driving across Texas to escape their financial troubles, when an opportunity suddenly falls into their laps. Needless to say, though, things only get more complicated from there.

End of the Road lands on Netlfix on Sept. 9.

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